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Our Charity Work

It is important to us that we give back to our

communities and help those who are less fortunate and need a helping hand.

Thru-out 2017 we have been creating a series of community 'help' programs AND reaching out to volunteer in the following areas: 


(homeless, women's and animals)

Childrens Hospitals

Clean Eating Programs 

School Healthy Lunch Programs

'Feeding your Family on a Budget' Cookbook

(Event-Full Elements very own program)

Community Gardens

Seniors Home Visits

Community 'Help & Restore' Projects

Pet Rescue Events

Dog Walking Volunteering

'Packages of Purpose' Project

(Event-full Elements very own program)

-We will be creating and handing out backpacks to those on the streets that will house the survival essentials..

'Shower for an Hour' Project

(Event-Full Elements very own program)

-This will be aimed for the homeless and displaced people/animals

'Food Runs & Community Feeding Program'

(Event-Full Elements very own - will run contest to name)

'Give a little love' Campaign

(Event-Full Elements very own program)

Soup Kitchens

Self Defense for women and kids

Habitat for Humanity help programs

'Transformation Stay-Cation' Program

(Event-Full Elements very own program)

-make-overs for the homeless, under privileged and those who 'need to get back out into the world'

'Tiny House Program' 

(Event-Full Elements very own program)

-details to launch in the fall of 2017

 our very own family charity........

Raymond House

and last but not least........ 'THE Tour'

We want to make a positive difference and do out part to change the world one sale at a time, one product at a time, one day at a time.....

With every sale we donate back and make a difference​.

We want to make an impact on the world and feed the children, build orphanages, tiny homes, build schools, bring clean water and food to third world countries, run camps for kids, create programs for families coming out of tragedies and hardships. We want to do this on our own and be self funded. 

If this is a fit for sure to connect with us. And we will make a difference one day at a time. We NEED you volunteers! 

Thank you for taking time to see our hearts and a little look into what we do and are building....

Now go spread some love & kindness! 


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