'11 ways to successfully fail your first event'

We want to help out all the new planners and designers out there! So - instead of telling you everything not to do, we thought we'd put a humorous yet serious spin on '11 things to do to ensure it fails'....(disclaimer: do not try this, I repeat do not try this!)

1. Over Promise & Under Deliver - because this always gets you in everyone's good books right?

2. Build it 5 years too early. Like they always say 'Go big or go home right?!'

3. Whatever you do, do NOT communicate with your staff! This is a great way to keep them on their toes and after all, shouldn't they guess what you are thinking?

4. Create a prize that you cannot manage if the event tanks. Isn't it strange how people who were so eager to be there in the limelight don't want to be there after it fails?? So yes - do that thing where you ride the 'train of sabotage and stay on it come hell or high water until it completely derails'. Do NOT go to your fellow industry peers and ask for help...this would take away from you being responsible...and then they would know just how disorganized you were. Deflect deflect....

5. Get a well known local celebrity, and someone you greatly admire, to come and take a role in the highlights of the event. That way you can fail right there in front of them...and everyone else you know...it's a great way to show them what they are missing by not working with you ;)

6. It's the perfect storm to show your friends & family just what a 'hot mess' you are. This way they can go home and send you messages to never invite them to anything again and to lose their number...

7. Be delusional. Unicorns do exist. I heard there's one in Irricana!

8. Don't advertise until 2 weeks prior. This way you can run around like a chicken with your head cut off! You can exercise and not have time to eat!

9. Make sure no one is around to guide guests or vendors. Tell them it's an 'adventure!'

10. Don't make a plan for your MC. Make sure you surprise them and test their improv skills.

11. And last but not least....NEVER take the blame. Pass it off to someone else....

Now that that's out of the way....this is actually a real life scenario and what happened to me running my first, very large event.

Now....I'd like to take some time and point out some amazing factors that were built in the event.

1. I got to learn and unknown to me at the time, had an opportunity to grow...

2. I got to connect with some really amazing people. There really is fabulous and awesome people out there in the world!

3. I got to meet someone I greatly admire. And their grace in the middle of chaos I've never forgotten ...

4. I learnt who my friends are lol...

5. I got knocked off my high horse early on and have made sure to take steps to work with wonderful collaborators on future events

6. The vendors were amazing and we had over 50 vendors and alot of great booths for our guests to visit. It was an intimate one on one experience for them and they got spoiled.

7. We had built amazing components and had they been under the same roof and not split up...the event would've been fantastic.

8. It was in the end a success. It successfully educated me on what not to do......

9. We had a smashing Fashion Show with beautiful and amazing models...gorgeous dresses from both a wedding boutique and some unique to the models from their own weddings...

10. Life is what you make it....at the end of the day, I had some solid people...

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