Definition: Event-Full Elements

Simply put: 'We provide all of the Elements your business, event and parties need...'

Phew! Ok...I have my coffee, healthy bees wax lavender candle, notepad and a sunshiney view. Let me define it further....We are a cutting edge Lifestyle and Events Company who believes in creating a Safe Community for new and seasoned entrepreneurs and business owners/couples who want the personal touch and connection with people who care about their design goals and planning. We are a family owned, family run, family first company who works with collaborators who want to see and use the BEST and healthiest products to give our clients the experience they deserve. We are not the company for everyone. And we don't accept everyone who comes in contact with us. We use a questionnaire for our couples and clients, have a meet and greet and then meet together to decide if we are both a fit. We came to this through life experiences which shaped and molded our vision. Communication is key. In any relationship. And if we cannot both get on board with the same vision....if you cannot let go of total control...if you don't like us, our products or vision...we won't work with you.

My background is music. I taught music for 25 years. I have wrote over 100 songs, I have sang(not what I love to do...), I play organ, piano and harmonica (geeky yes), and I have classically trained and performed in both Organ and Piano for weddings, funerals, events, diplomatic ceremonies, awards nights, graduations, churches, in bands, concerts, fundraisers and festivals. So how did I end up here you ask?? Great question! Growing up, my parents entertained alot and I came from a very large family on both sides. On my Mom's side, I had 3 uncles and 1 aunt who recorded records and travelled on the road touring. Once a year they'd be home for a brief break before the next tour and the whole family PLUS many guests VIP invited, had a weekend in Regina, SK. It was called 'The Homecoming'. They would put on concerts, banquets, and fun family things. It was one of our family highlights of the year! So hospitality, promotions, events, giftables and business/organization was a constant in my life.

When the time came to be a single mom of 3 very young kids...I was in shock. I had no experience or training....or at least I thought I had none. So I took part time then full time work and life evolved and my career(s) evolved as I moved out to Alberta and became a full time 'In-house Event Coordinator' at a hotel. I had done music, I had played a huge role in opening and starting a company back home that did Promotional Items and I had been a Community School Program Assistant; Retail Manager and Secretary. I wasn't making enough out in AB to support my family with my job so I revamped my current company and expanded our revenue lines.

A simple morning coffee back in 2012 led to this revelation. I was having a visit with a couple of business friends of mine back then, and the one piped up and said, " Well, let's figure this out. What have you done to date and what is your talent?' I was stumped. I answered: 'I'm just a single mom who plays piano.' She dug deeper. So I said a little of a few things. Within the hour she helped me revamp my entire business plan. And came up with our name and slogan. It took me a few years to catch up to the idea because I saw no-one doing what we would be doing. I had to convince myself. So through trial and errors, failures and we are!

Through the events I had been a part of growing up and my role at weddings and events at the hotel I worked at, I saw business people, couples and families book the venue and every single one of them required: catering, gifts, promotional give aways, organization, staffing and event design. And one day it just clicked....I have done this my whole life. Why did I NEVER think of this before!!

If you check out our website you will see it is boring. Kinda like me ;)

But it's not meant to be snazzy. We want you to simply navigate and click the line you need help with:

1. Gift Baskets: Did you know we customized 100+ gift baskets for you?! AND we source and provide cupcakes/cakepops/decadent desserts/organic food bars/homemade kombucha/clean products and spa gifts? We TEACH and ORGANIZE workshops for your guests! We have many other products and services so check it out!

2. Promotional Products, Incentive Programs & Subscription PAKS:

Promotional Swag: we work with over 300 suppliers to provide you a database of 30,000 PLUS Promotional Swag Items to advertise your event. This includes custom Apparel/T-shirts/workout & sport gear and Logo-ed hard goods like pens, keychains, mugs, date bottles. We have everything you need to be effective at your business, trade show to name a few.

Incentive Programs: We customize and create Incentive programs which include: Customer Appreciation Days/Promo's; Employee Sales Achievement; Employee Incentive Programs to name a few.

We staff and help set up/plan out trade shows, workshops, open houses, conferences, concerts, ceremonies, competitions, fundraisers, Galas and meetings.

Subscription PAKS: monthly subscription paks for every event and business need. One time purchase or monthly subscription.


3. Weddings, Wedding Design & our NEW WEDBook (Wedding Event Design Resource Tool): we have many packages that range from a simple one hour consult, to DIY assistance, Staffing, Bar & Catering Services, Decor and Wedding Design, DAY of Services, and Complete Planning from start to finish. Some of our add-ons include: rehearsal dinners, 1st anniversary/anniversary and baby celebrations, Stag & Stagette parties and customized wedding party favours and bridal party apparel.

4. Events & Event Design: we have many packages that work similar to our wedding packages. From a one hour consult to DIY events to Full Scale Planning. With this and the wedding packages some of our add -ons are: Security, Lighting & Audio, Media, Timeline Management.

5. Home, Office & Event Organization: we have a team who will come in and purge any clutter and re-organize your space. This is a GREAT option for REALTORS and their clients and our most popular! We believe a calm, simple and zen space provides the BEST environment for creativity and connection. We have a certified interior designer who works on our more elaborate home and office design needs. Some add-ons are Home Staging, Real Estate Open Houses, Event Ambiance Packages to name a few. We also have a media and lighting package from our in house media and audio team to play a role in that perfect atmospheric dynamic!

6. Connect ~ Transform Workshops & Classes: we pull in the best of the best of our collaborators to train, teach and create healthy eating recipes, cooking classes, healthy homemade products(includes cleaners), organic gardening, kombucha classes, stretching and safe movement classes, and monthly Networking Themed Events that connect you with like minded people who will encourage your growth and connection in your area of expertise. It really does take a village to raise up business people. I had to learn alot the hard way and have found such amazing mentors and collaborators so you don't have to struggle through the growth pains.

7. Coffee With J: Weekly Online Radio & Podcast Show ( commencing end of June!) : We will be exploring a wide range of lifestyle topics. Some of which will include: finance and business, wellness & clean eating, parenting, sex and relationships, contracts and legal, hospitality, Arts & Culture, culinary, healthy organic products and fitness, mental & spiritual health & meditation techniques. We strongly believe that the more balanced we are the more of a life changing positive impact we can make on our communities.

8. THE TOUR JOURNEY: Our family is in the process of creating a family charity. RAYMOND HOUSE. Through large and small community projects and events, we plan to help those coming out of adversity get back on their feet. We desire to see businesses and families have a safe space, and program to get educated and learn how to launch a successful business. This requires many collaborators, volunteers and just a great big heart full of love and kindness! We are looking for partners to help us build TINY HOMES for the homeless, elderly and those rebuilding. Owning brings a sense of pride and empowerment. We want to do our part through this to help animals and the homeless get off the streets. We need you!

9. Monthly Themed Events: we're a little quirky and weird and we LOVE a great themed party & Networking! From Gatsby to Mad Hatter Garden Parties to Little Black Dress to our version of THE WHITE PARTY....we just cannot get enough of dressing up!!!! We even JUST designed our first 'Cesar and Cleopatra Party'! EEK!!!!!! I'm beyond thrilled to see it come together!!

10. The Junella Weiss Group: Public Speaking, Music Therapy, Instruction & Performance, and Author of her first 3 books soon to be released.

So this is just a taste of what we team??? The most incredible people I know! Drop us a line if any of our vision, lines and products/services resonated with you. If you are not looking to purchase products or don't own a business...but resonate with an area and want to collaborate...we'd love to meet you :)

Cheers ;)


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