Who Are We?

At Event-Full Elements, we saw a need to 'Create - an - Experience' as opposed to 'providing products and services'. 

We work with individuals, customers, companies and long term clients. We choose our clients selectively for long term projects and do not work with everyone that connects with us. We feel it is vital to connect with their vision, understand their goals, build a relationship and provide a network of experts that can help them achieve their goals. We've worked hard to create this experience and have worked hard alongside our dedicated peers to provide them with a wide range of products and services which currently fall under 4 main revenues streams: 

Events By J

Weddings By J

Promotions By J

Baskets By J

We invite you to click on each link on the home landing page, within each individual site, click on the 'what we do'. 

We work hard with our clients and customers to provide them with 'All of the Elements they Need....'

We work with customers, individuals, clients and businesses from creation thru to execution...day of timeline...and follow up.

We've provided a snapshot list of some of our services and products we do on the home page. 

Company Contact

Customer Service, Bookings and Information & Quotes 


Owner/Lead Design


Front Office, Social Media  

Hospitality & Designer


Daily Operations

Audio/Sound/Lighting Production

Set up & Tear down, Grounds Keeper


Media Production/Tiny Homes/Set up & Tear Down


Staffing & Communications


Creative/Basket Design


Raymond House Charity & Operations


Accounting & Billing


Orders & Refunds


Marketing & Advertising