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Our Story

We are a family run business and here is our story! 

Growing up in Saskatchewan, with a large extended family that expanded to Alberta, we were constantly surrounded by faith, family & fun. It was a diverse mix of farmers, pastors, musicians, entrepreneurs, justice, health & wellness professionals and teachers. I used to joke that Dynasty married Hee-Haw and that provided us with such an amazing family experience. 

I started playing music at the young age of 4, and teaching at 10.5 years old. My organ teacher went away for medical leave and she asked me to continue. I went on to teach organ, piano and keys for 40 years. Along with that I wrote over 100 songs, composed pieces, played in ceremonies of all kinds: weddings, events, government, musicals, theatre, choirs, church, camps, funeral, gatherings, performance on stage, festivals, in bands and in recording studios. I loved performing and teaching and raised my kids with this as a  career. However, I wanted to step into business and go to school to pursue my dream in law, so I got to work.....I started selling promotional items, creating gift baskets and planning events & weddings. 

Event-Full Elements was born one day at work in 2012, when I was an event coordinator, and I had a company come in for a business lunch. I was putting some finishing touches on the room when his staff started walking in with boxes of Promotional Swag; gift baskets for door prizes; and contracts with their legal policies. I, of course had been their event coordinator and did the set up, decor and arranged the catering. It was in this moment I realized I wanted my business to expand to 'provide all of the elements for an event  and business.' Often I would be asked to vet people, vendors or other details, and do office, event and home staging, and I saw how everything I spent my life doing, came into line together. 

Do you own a business and need someone to plan, execute, decorate, arrange all the details down to selecting the perfect swag and gifts for your clientele? 

Do you need day of services or assistance in planning your wedding or event? 

Do you need assistance organizing your office, event or home space? 

Do you or your business need assistance in due diligence on contracts, vetting people and recovering from adversity?

We are here to help you! 

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